Parent and Child class

This popular class is based on the belief that physical and mental health are a part of family life. All of the classes at Jai Yoga coordinate play, breathing and physical movement to improve focus, concentration and self-regulation tools.

Parent Workshops

You and JAI together-Tips and Tools for an integrated Classroom

Our training is centered around making yoga accessible to all kids and how to have an inclusive classroom.

Designed especially for Parents, Caregivers, yoga teachers and educators to learn the life-changing skills that benefit children’s happiness, health and well being.  Now offered virtually all from the comfort of your own home.

Sasha’s deep knowledge of yoga and her playful, generous spirit really makes your kids' yoga training an experience of a lifetime! We invite you to come study, play and learn with her

  • We start by creating a magic environment where you will learn tools to support children from ages 3-18 with self regulation, body awareness, social skills, expression of difficult emotions, language and communication

  • This is a training workshop is a place where the theatrical and creative, the practical and playful intersect and we don't worry too much about what we "should" be doing because the focus is on what we CAN do